Green-on-Green Spraying: What is it?

green-on-green technology precision spraying explanation

How is it Different from Green-on-Brown Spraying? In farming, green-on-brown and green-on-green spraying are terms not commonly thrown around. What do they mean, and why are they important? To fully understand, we must first explain the context of the two terms. Both have to do with managing weeds in agriculture.  Weed control is one of…

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A Picture Worth a Thousand Data Points

Or a few million, but who’s counting? There are elements you can probably guess that are needed to make an artificially intelligent spray drone functional – nozzles, fuselage, propellers, a computer, some of our secret special sauce… But one component that may not be the first to come to mind is arguably one of the…

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6 Ways Precision Drone Spraying Can Help the Environment

Precision drone spraying is going to help environmental sustainability and our planet

Happy Earth Day! We are proud to be an organization that supports environmental protection, and we live that every day with the choices we make as a company. It’s hard not to support increased ecological viability when our brand purpose is ‘For the farm, the planet, the universe’. How exactly is precision spraying going to…

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