Give your tools cost-saving A.I. superpowers

Retrofit 1

How It Works

Retrofit 2

Install your Kit

With options for installation service or do-it-yourself, there's no better way to upgrade your sprayer.

Retrofit 3

Generate Weed Maps

Plan out your target area and let the A.I. take over, spraying every weed while avoiding all of your crops.

Retrofit 4

Spray Away

Spray like you usually do, but with results you've never seen before, all while using much less spray.

Retrofit 5

Industry leading efficiency.

Upgrading to A.I. assisted spraying will reduce your herbicide use by 80%-90%.

Spray with one foot accuracy, not one football field.

Put an end to wasteful broadcast spraying with 1X1 foot precision targeting.

Retrofit 6

A kit made to fit.

Designed to be modular and flexible, our retrofit allows you to upgrade everything you need, and save on everything you don’t.

Future-proof your current investment.

Looking for something new? See how drones can work for you.

Drones let you get more done with less. Smaller tools and less chemical use means higher outputs and drastically lower costs for seeding and spraying.

Retrofit 7