Precision AI wins Innovation Award at 2019 Canadian Farm Progress Show

Digital farming company Precision AI has an astounding series of achievements, including the sterling silver innovation award at Canada’s Farm Progress Show, and their sights are only as high as their drones can fly. Founder Dan McCann has detailed exactly what makes their drones so special, by stating that their drones are “smart enough on [their own]” to be able to decipher between “Canadian Thistle or wild oats” with their high tech cameras; the drones can subsequently “made those distinctions on the fly.”

McCann’s philosophy is that drones save time and cut down on chemical costs compared to traditional sprayers (where up to eighty percent of the latter ends up on bare ground, resulting in a waste of resources). Even in the field trial stage, Precision AI’s drones have proven how they handle various weather conditions with absolute ease, as well as nighttime tests (when the drones can showcase their lighting capabilities). Precision AI’s drones are seven feet across in length, so that’s a lot of spray coverage if needed; the drones come within mere inches of any weeds, and the wide coverage renders every weed targetable.

With the ability to lift up to seventy five pounds and muster all weather conditions, Precision AI’s drones are seemingly unstoppable. The company’s public rollout in 2020 — according to plan —will allow for a service based model, where farmers can hire Precision AI to do the spraying for them, instead of having to purchase the drones outright, which creates an affordable and wiser alternative to the chemical spraying ways of old.