green-on-green technology precision spraying explanation

Green-on-Green Spraying: What is it?

How is it Different from Green-on-Brown Spraying? In farming, green-on-brown and green-on-green spraying are terms not commonly thrown around. What do they mean, and why ...
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A Picture Worth a Thousand Data Points

Or a few million, but who’s counting? There are elements you can probably guess that are needed to make an artificially intelligent spray drone functional ...
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Precision drone spraying is going to help environmental sustainability and our planet

6 Ways Precision Drone Spraying Can Help the Environment

Happy Earth Day! We are proud to be an organization that supports environmental protection, and we live that every day with the choices we make ...
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In Appreciation of the Women at Precision AI

“The women we have hired at Precision AI are selected because they are the best candidate for the role. They are the best at what ...
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From Snow to Sand – Developing Canadian AgTech Drones in Two Places at Once

Have you ever wanted to be in two places at once? This winter we at Precision AI have been able to achieve the impossible by ...
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10 Disruptive Trends for Crop Protection

Crop protection as we know it today is on borrowed time. Technological, agronomic, and societal changes are reshaping what businesses will look like in the ...
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