Spray every weed, spare everything else.

Protect your crops while saving 95% on herbicide costs.

A sustainable approach to crop protection, the environment, and farmer’s bottom lines.


Lower inputs, higher outcomes

When it comes to herbicide, less is more. Precision spray means protection at a fraction of the cost.


Ecosystem protection

Protect the soil, water, and food supply from chemical runoff by eliminating broadcast spraying.


Cost savings at every step

Small equipment with powerful A.I. puts money back in farmer’s pockets by reducing chemical use.


Our proprietary A.I. technology knows weeds from crops

Mask Group

A.I. powered sprayers will only spray weeds and not your crops.

Mask Group-1

Greatly reduce chemical waste and cost with precision spray.

Know your field plant-by-plant with A.I. computer vision

Built for growth, from the ground up.

Detect Over
Plant Species
using our A.I.
Up To
Less cost vs.
current methods

Two ways to spray


From the Ground

Affordably retrofit your equipment with our A.I. to increase your sprayer efficiency by 80% — 90%.


From the Air

Terrain will no longer be an obstacle with our spraying drones, easily target problem areas your current sprayers can’t.


Maximize yields by combining drones & the sprayer retrofit for the best possible crop outcomes and cost savings